The beautiful small city Schaffhausen in Switzerland is famous for its waterfall, which are the biggest in the whole Europe. But not only that. There is also the seat of one profitable business company which operates on the market with the processing and sales of steel material. 

                               The name of the company is GLOBAL STEEL AG


Company GLOBAL STEEL AG was established in 1998. Our customers can benefit from our wide assortment and from the comprehensive services provided (delivery to the destination,delivery ´just in time ´ material splitting, cutting and finishing). GLOBAL STEEL´s subsidiary corporations are situated in places which allows us to keep in close touch with all our customers. In Slovakia it is Global Steel Slovakia s.r.o. in Košice and in Poland it is Global Steel Polska in Krakow.


Wherever you are located, company GLOBAL STEEL AG will cooperate with you to find the best offer for all your inquiries.

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